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  • The precision carry tritium sights both front & rear are factory height and have been designed to promote the highest amount of accuracy for your Glock pistol. Highlights include a large Tritium insert in the front sight with a large yellow or orange front ring around it. The rear sight has no white or colored ring around the tritium insert leaving you a blacked out effect in brighter settings and giving you a fast acquiring sight picture in low-light settings. Our fitment and tolerances are perfectly specified for rock solid lock up on a factory Glock dovetail. We serrate the back facing surfaces for glare reduction and bevel the edge’s to prevent snagging when un-holstering & holstering from a concealed position.
  • Our Precision Carry tritium sites include a rear sight set screw to eliminate rear sight drift!
  • These sights are modeled after factory Glock sights. Thus giving you a 10 yard or 15 yard zero depending upon your hold. 
  • We machine the precision carry sights out of 4140 steel for a solid construction and then we treat them in black nitride to promote optimal corrosion resistance while concealed carry. These sights are the perfect aftermarket solution for your Glock pistol.
Like our other Continuous Precision products, they are manufactured 100% in the USA!
What model Glock?

26/27 19/23 17/22 19X/45 34/35 31/32/33, 29/30/30s 36 20/21 40/41, 43X or 48


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